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We Print Custom Boxes for Your Amazing Products

We hope you had a great 4th of July!  In honor of this patriotic month (and vacation season), we'd like to show you something very cool that one of our clients makes - life-sized sculptures of historical figures!  

When we printed this box for Studio EIS, we had no idea how amazing their sculptures really were.

It wasn't until seeing their life-size, historically accurate bronze sculptures at Signers' Hall in the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia that we appreciated how incredibly detailed their work is.  Signers' Hall features 42 bronze statues of the delegates who signed the United States Constitution.  To get the full effect check out the 360 degree tour

Images via

If you're looking for a fun summer trip, you should definitely check out Philadelphia and the National Constitution Center!


7 Ways to Take Your Packaging from Average to Awesome

1.  Design with your CUSTOMERS in mind

When designing packaging for your product, the most important thing to keep in mind is the end-user.  Ask yourself - Does this packaging convey the key points about the product?  Is it easy to use?  Does it drive customers to purchase?

When we developed this packaging for Just Wireless’ cell phone accessories, we focused on creating a positive user experience.  No more wrestling with scissors and plastic shards just to get your product free from the packaging.

Photo found here

2.  Think about the RETAILERS - and their guidelines

Most retailers (small and large) have a set of packaging guidelines that they require the products they stock to follow.  Make sure you’re adhering to those guidelines at the beginning stages of packaging development to make sure you don’t spend unnecessary time and money re-designing your packaging later on.

3.  Don't forget about the EARTH

Not only is creating eco-friendly packaging good for the’s good for business.  By doing things like re-designing packaging structures to reduce waste and by using 50/70/90% post-consumer recycled paper and biodegradable materials - you’re not only creating a more eco-friendly product line, you’re meeting the packaging standards of retailers like WalMart, Target, & Best Buy.

We worked with MicroInnovations to re-design this packaging line to reduce the amount of plastic material used.  And, the packaging for these EcoSpeakers from Merkury Innovations uses recycled paper.

4.  Upgrade your packaging by focusing on the details

Details matter when it comes to packaging.  They are a great way to catch a buyer’s eye and add to the perceived value of your product.  Upgrades like die-cutting, foil stamping, roll embossing, and specialty finishes are affordable when you print in China and can really add that “something special” to a piece.

We helped upgrade this Steve Madden packaging by producing a foil stamped logo and spot UV pattern.  This Dylan's Chocolate "it" Bar packaging includes a custom roll emboss pattern plus embossed logos.

5.  Think about the part and the whole

When you’re designing your packaging line, don’t just think about the individual components.  Think about how your line will look as a whole.  How will the pieces look together when they’re in a retail display or on the wall of a store?  Does the line have a cohesive look?  Are each one of the products identifiable as part of the bigger brand? 

6.  Think outside the paper box

Paper boxes and plastic inserts may not be the best fit for your product.  Sometimes other materials (like wood or tin) are a better choice.  If your product is a luxury item or has a higher retail value, customers may appreciate the fact that they can keep the packaging and re-use it after they remove your product. 

Instead of using a traditional paper box for chocolates for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, we helped the client develop a bamboo box that serves as a traveler's keepsake from their stay.  Dylan's Chocolate decided a custom printed tin was the best fit for their Ralph Lauren chocolates.

7.  Work with experienced professionals

You’ve worked long and hard on your product line.  Don’t overlook the value of creating stellar packaging for it.  Make sure you’re working with professionals who are not only experts in designing the look of the packaging but are also well-versed in developing the structures required for testing and the logistics of production. 

At Laserwave, our team is made up of not just designers but also PACKAGING DEVELOPERS and PRODUCTION EXPERTS.  We’d love to discuss you’re latest packaging project with you!



Playing a small part in our city's big changes

Since Laserwave started in 1989, we've been operating out of New Brunswick, NJ.  The city is a big part of our company's history, and we love producing projects for our hometown.  About a year ago, we had the opportunity to produce re-usable shopping bags for an event as close to home as you can get - outside our front door!

The bags were printed full-color and made of non-woven material and were handed out during the groundbreaking ceremony for the New Brunswick Wellness Plaza being developed by DEVCO (New Brunswick Development Corporation). 

Reusable Bag printed by Laserwave

The new plaza is being built across the street from our studio!  It's scheduled to open Fall 2012 and will include The Fresh Grocer and Robert Wood Johnson Wellness Plaza.  We're excited about the addition of this plaza as well as all the changes happening around New Brunswick.

Construction of the Wellness Plaza from our Studio Door



Trip to China 

Every few months, Albert (Laserwave’s president) takes a trip to China to work on clients' projects, visit our partner factories, and meet new vendors.  On this last trip, Al snapped a few photos along his way. 

Albert’s trip starts with a 16-hour flight into Hong Kong.  It’s a long one!  But, after over 10 years of traveling back and forth, he’s a pro at it.  Next, he meets with the colleagues he needs to see in Hong Kong.  Many of our partners have offices in Hong Kong and factories on mainland China.  One of the most important people he touches base with during his trips is Laserwave’s Hong Kong employee Vince.

Here are some of our overseas colleagues with Vince (on the right)...

Laserwave Printing in China Staff

Usually, at the beginning of his trip, Albert will give instructions to our production partners on what projects the factories need to get started on.  This way he can provide approvals or further instruction when he arrives at the factories in China a day or two later. 

A few sights from Dongguan in the Guangdong province of southern China…


Dongguan Street Signs

Dongguan Shops

Some precarious (and not so precarious) modes of transportation...

China Transportation

China Motorbike

A trip to China wouldn't be complete without a McDonald's sighting and Starbucks stop...

China McDonalds

China Starbucks

Albert takes a train into China from Hong Kong and usually spends the remainder of his trip working directly with Vince and the staff at our production facilities to focus on three very important things:

  1. Making sure open orders are moving along smoothly.
  2. Ensuring that any issues with sampling or production are resolved clearly, quickly, & effectively.
  3. Creating prototypes and/or samples of new packaging for our packaging development clients.

By traveling to China and speaking in-person with our factories’ staff, Albert can make sure that Laserwave's projects are being produced correctly while he's there and (most importantly) after he's gone home.  He's also able to direct the packaging development process first-hand.  He can offer his industry expertise and solutions at the development stage face-to-face with the factories' packaging engineers.  This prevents problems at the production level.  Also, by including Vince in these conversations, we ensure that communication continues seamlessly between our overseas production facilities and our US staff.

A great benefit of working with Laserwave on packaging development is our ability to provide a small run (1 to 10 pieces) of structure (unprinted) samples or printed samples.  These pieces can be used to present your product in sales meetings and to show buyers before the line is launched.

To see the development process in action, check out the video below of our factory’s die-cutting machine.  It can produce a single piece of a custom die-cut art card for one of our packaging clients.  Also, to see the full scope of our production facilities, check out more photos here.

We love helping businesses come up with solutions for their printing, packaging, design, & photography needs!  Let us know how we can help your company!